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Clínica Dental Nieto Salud

Clínica Dental Nieto Salud

Project carried out by Romina Barbieri and work done by Gesprosalud.

mobiliario clinico saborido y rodriguez

Clínica Saborido & Rodríguez

Project carried out by Romina Barbieri. Photos of Uxío Da Vila Located in Pozuelo de Alarcón

fernandez casas oftalmologos

Fernández Casas Oftalmólogos

Project made by AHA Arquitechtures. Located in Torrelavega

mobiliario clinico llodio alava 2

HIMUGI Physiotherapy Clinic

(Llodio, Álava)

muebles clínicos en valladolid 3

Ayala Soto Clinic

Vinaroz (Castellón). Project carried out by Vitale.

clinica soto 7

Dental Clinic Soto

Vinaroz (Castellón). Project carried out by Vitale.

joaquin yepes muebles clínicos

Dental Clinic Dr. Joaquín Yepes

Las Torres de Cotilla, Murcia

mobiliario clínico diez y bonilla 1

Clinic Díez y Bonilla

Project of Romina Barbieri - Madrid

mobiliario clínico mediss para dr. susana palma 3

Clinic Dra. Susana Palma

Ciudad Real

mobiliario clínico mediss Clínica arauzo 14

Dental and Podology Clinic Araúzo

Valladolid - Project of Romina Barbieri

mobiliario clinico en españa pronova 01

Dental Clinic Pronova

Palma de Mallorca - Directed by Dr. Rafael Blanes

Clínica Polo Bartol

Dental Clinic in Los Villares Salamanca

Clínica Dental Arias López

Proyecto AHA Arquitectura -Situada en Lugo

recepcion 01



mobiliario clinico zocalo 02

Cabinet MZ 80

Clinical furniture with socket

mobiliario clinico con pata 01

Cabinet MP 70

Clinical furniture with leg

mobiliario clinico susendido 04

Cabinet MC 60

Hanging Clinical furniture

Clínica Odontológica Doria

Proyecto José María Errea (Bryaxis Arquitectos) - Pamplona

Clínica Dental Esther Maján


Clínica Dental Carbajal

La Caridad, Asturias

Great Durability

The materials we use provide great durability, both in contact surfaces and in hardware and mobile areas.

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Quality in details

Small details that make the difference. We adapt your spaces and guarantee that each piece of furniture fits perfectly.

Transportation with guarantee

All our products are packaged and palletized to measure in our facilities. Goods always protected and insured.

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