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Cabinets Systems



The MC-60 series is ideal for small or compact clinical cabinets, as the absence of legs creates a lighter look, creating the feeling of more space in the room.



The MP-70 system with decorative legs offers a lighter appearance than the baseboard and is the ideal option for spaces that do not allow the use of suspended furniture, or that have glass walls.



The furniture system with plinth is ideal for large work spaces, creates a stronger and focused image in the furniture. When you reach the ground, you have more storage space.



The reception is the first area in which we make contact with patients. A stylish design, but functional, will have a positive impact on your perception.

Great durability

The materials we use provide great durability, both in contact surfaces and in hardware and mobile areas.

Secure purchase

If you are looking for seriousness and personalized service, we are your safest option. We guarantee the best service and secure payment methods.

Quality in details

Small details that make the difference. We adapt your spaces and guarantee that each piece of furniture fits perfectly.

Transportation with guarantee

All our products are packaged and palletized to measure in our facilities. Goods always protected and insured.

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