Details and Accessories


Drawer system

Comfortable, durable and silent drawer system with automatic closing and 5 types of different organizer trays to choose from.

Surgery Tray

With this surgery tray you can have a more comfortable and spacious sliding space.


Encimeras de alta calidad, disponibles en material de compactos fenólicos o superficie sólida Krion.

Comfortable, durable and silent drawer system with automatic closing and 5 types of different organizer trays to choose from.

Mobile Cart

The Mediss mobile trolleys facilitate their adaptation to different work spaces, allowing them to be moved to any point of the clinic when necessary.

It has a resistant finish and drawers for different uses.

Surgery Cart

If you need more mobility in your space, this mobile furniture with sliding tray can be your best choice either in surgery or other daily applications, replacing the traditional fixed furniture and reducing fixed furniture to the sink area.

Equipment trolley

Electrified appliance trolley, made of oven-lacquered steel, interior plugs on the shelves and spiral extension on the back.

Laser Edging

The MEDISS laser edging fuses the edge with the door, converting it into a single block where the joints disappear

Legs System

Our MP70 series is based on a system of legs. Structure in oven-lacquered steel, very resistant and stable, elegant and modern design

Shipping and packaging

We design, manufacture and send all our orders to any part of the world. They are shipped packed in a custom made packaging for each module, guaranteeing greater protection on the journey.

The material is insured against damage during transport.

Great durability

The materials we use provide great durability, both in contact surfaces and in hardware and mobile areas.

Secure purchase

If you are looking for seriousness and personalized service, we are your safest option. We guarantee the best service and secure payment methods.

Quality in details

Small details that make the difference. We adapt your spaces and guarantee that each piece of furniture fits perfectly.

Transportation with guarantee

All our products are packaged and palletized to measure in our facilities. Goods always protected and insured.

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