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Bartol Arquitectura

After looking at some references of work that Mediss had done, we do not hesitate any time to have their services. As an architect-designer, we attach great importance to the meetings and finishes of the materials, since they are the ones that distinguish a simple work of a great work; Antonio and his Mediss team have succeeded in each of the stays in which they have been involved in the dental clinic. Thank you for your patience and attention

Álvaro Bartol

Clínica Patricia Martín

We met Antonio in the Expodental a few years ago and that day we decided that when we move we would do with them without a doubt. Quality, design, professionalism… are some of its virtues. The work we have done has been perfect. Even the smallest detail is designed and studied. They are professionals like the cup of a pine… and up to sympathetic.

Dra. Patricia Martín

Clínica Dental Guillén

Our experience with Mediss has been very good. We met in Madrid Expodental 2014 and we noticed the elegance and finesse of their furniture and the fungible dispenser. We had in mind to change our local where we practice and we wanted to make it a makeover to a certain -elegance- that did not have before. Initially the budget threw us back a little because we found it high, but after asking several quotes to several companies, saw that the gap was too little and in some cases non existent, and certainly Mediss line was the one we liked the most. We decided to work with Mediss and the installation was on time and we agreed terms. We have spent a year in the new query and we are excited both the image and the functionality and robustness of drawers and furniture in general. We asked Antonio to put a hole in the countertop trash type -Arguiñano kitchen- and even if it were not offering, he looked for it for and succeeded. Later we had a couple of problems with drawers and tapas of that hole and Mediss fixed it without any problem. We recommend Mediss not only for the quality of its furniture but also by its seriousness and service, qualities much lately sorely lacking in the field of reforms and construction.

Dr. Raúl Guillén

Clínica Zubillaga

At Clínica Zubillaga we work to offer excellence in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery and our decision to have Antonio Villamarín and the whole Mediss team has been frankly a success. His clinic furniture complies with the requirements we were looking for: quality, functionality and aesthetics. The treatment has always been exquisite, I would recommend it to any professional involved in the dental field. I hope in the future to continue counting on you.

Dr. Ignacio Zubillaga

Clínica Regules

Good morning, I want to thankful for the wonderful work that you made, both in quality of the furnites and installation, and also because of acomplished deadlines. There were not any mistake. Very grateful. Regards

Dr. Jesús Regules

Clínica Dental Mialdent

Antonio and all the wonderful team of Mediss, I wanted to write this message calmly to be able to thank you for this excellent service that we have received, leaving the standard very high in every way. By my side, here in La Rioja I am at your service for what you need and I would like you to send me some cards or something to offer this furniture to the people who visit us or I will simply tell them to search the Internet.

Dra. Claudia Manjarrés

Hospital Veterinario Puchol

One of the best decisions we have taken in the development of the project of our veterinary Hospital, has been to count on the collaboration of Mediss. Top quality materials and quality of its staff. Effective, patient and committed, recommended 100%, they do not have competitors.

Javier Frías

Clínica Zoe Dental

Certainly , clinical design and quality furniture that had always wanted. We are happy and very satisfied with the whole process. From planning to mount an exceptional professional and human treatment , fully adapted to my concerns and needs.

Cristina Díaz

Clínica Dental Carel

In a modern dental clinic, which aims to provide a service evolved, close and transparent dentistry, everything has a vital importance. The furniture cabinets is essential, has to generate closeness and trust, you must project professionalism but also friendly. This product is installed MEDISS in the two dental cabinets. But this being important, the most important is the service associated with the product, from the first moment I applied four bids for Internet (the importance of the web is essential today in the sale process) I realized the rigor and professionalism of MEDISS team. I had immediate response. The others or were late or did not understand the request. The discussion process and adaptation to the needs of both budget and the perfect product, showing flexibility and customer understanding far superior to any other provider. The installation in a timely manner, extraordinary. In short an excellent excellent product. Congratulations to your team Antonio for the seriousness and rigor of the work done.

M. Medina

Clínica Dental Germán Verdugo

I have build a dental clinic and have taken many turns to decide which furniture to set . I finally decided on mediss.es and I can say do not turn around because I am very happy with the furniture , staff and editors and everybody knows what they do. If you want my advice , do not bother as I have done , or look for it in other places and you will see how happy you will be.

Germán Verdugo

Clínica JJ Rodríguez

We visited Mediss on Expo-Dental years ago and really enjoyed what they did. After we met Antonio , commercial director we no longer hesitate. Eighteen months ago we made ​​our new Dental Center in Valladolid and we are delighted. The result was beautiful and they are a great people, even when big works are very difficult It is a great work . I thank them for what they helped us and recommended to everybody.


Clínica Sannas

The Clinic Sannas come from the idea of ​​integrating all services in one level Dentofacial Clinic offering the patient a unique space where you can solve all your problems and concerns. In order to offer our services a high degree of quality and excellence from the beginning we knew that the equipment and materials had to be consistent with it. Therefore, we chose Mediss. The Sannas Clinic has worked with Mediss for more than one year in the production and implementation of the project with the aim to create a personalized and unique way all the equipment and urnishingsnecessary for professional work in the best conditions From the first moment we started working with the team Mediss got immediate answers to questions posed to us, showing flexibility and customer satisfactory understanding before. The installation was very effectively so that when problems arose or need to improve that we should take this into account, the after-sales service was active.

Irene Puyada

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